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Tired of not losing fat?

Our Certified Specialists will help you reduce the unwanted stubborn fat in all areas of the body!

Fat cells

Adipose tissue is a type of connective tissue composed of adipocytes. Fat cells are located in adipocytes. Treatments can break unwanted stored fat.


The process of fat loss occurs when fat cells are liberated from adipocytes into circulation

lymphatic drainage

The destroyed fat cells are moved into the lymphatic system that drains excess fluid and waste products from the tissues. This transports fats and proteins around the body.

Featured services for fat reduction

Cryo T Shock

Fat reduction occurs with fat freezing/crystallization (lipolysis) and followed through a series between heating. This creates a “thermal shock” in tissues. Find the alternative to Coolsculpting without the pain!

Full Sculpt

Combined for optimum results, fat reduction, skin tightening and lymphatic drainage utilizes four modalities and infrared sauna.

Ultrasound fat cavitation

Ultrasound waves to penetrate into the fat layer of the body to produce cavitation effect, which may not only make fat cells bursts, but emulsify into glycerides.

Vacuum Roller

Combination with the mechanism of energy and vacuum therapy to promote tissue metabolism, repel the cellulite. This makes fat granule in different depths and create fusion energy to combust fatty acids. The burning consumption of fatty acids directly empties to reduce the size of fat cells.

Lipo Laser

Laser lipolysis, or diode lipo laser, is a minimally invasive procedure that uses heat from fiber-optic lasers at various wavelengths to melt body fat.

What Our customers say

I've done a few fat reduction treatments with Thavy and am shocked with my results! I didn't know what to expect at first but gave it a shot. I started with my sides where I tend to store stubborn fat and just after one treatment felt inches smaller and the final results don't even show till after about 4-6 weeks! I then decided to do it on my thighs and have had the same great results. I will definitely be coming back regularly!

Natalie H. (Cryo T Shock)

Excellent job Thavy I'm seen improvement every time I come over to your facility I'm so grateful thank you so much Neilly

Neilly M. (Full Sculpt)

This place is awesome! You can see the results in 1 week and it's unbelievable. It feels wonderful to see your body's changes so quickly. Excellent service. thanks!

Iryna C. (Ultrasound Fat Cavitation)