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Need to tone and shape better?

Our Certified Specialists will help you tone by tightening skin.


Improves skin elasticity thanks to significantly increased micro circulation triggered by the application of hot and/or cold procedures. Ideal for restoring loose, aging skin, thermal shock promotes a more toned and tightened appearance.

Increase collagen

Heat creates tissue tension in human skin increases cross-links between molecules are maintained, thus increasing the rubber-elastic properties of the collagen polymer. The heat-modified tissues then undergo remodeling associated with fibroplasia and new collagen deposition.

Featured services for fat reduction

Cryo T Shock

Utilizes hot and cold temperature to stimulate collagen & elastin production in the skin. Heat increases blood and lymphatic circulation and stimulates the growth of new collagen and elastin, while also strengthening and rebuilding existing reserves.

Full Sculpt

Combined for optimum results, fat reduction, skin tightening and lymphatic drainage utilizes four modalities and infrared sauna.

Radio frequency

Use of high power 1MHz 3D radio frequency with patent pending technology that generates heat deep under the skin, may promote metabolism by its hyper-thermal effect, enhancing blood/lymph flow for purpose of collagen production.

Vacuum Roller rf

Combination with the mechanism of energy and vacuum therapy to promote functional aspiration-controlled electrothermal stimulation technology in which skin, with the aid of a vacuum system, is folded to a predetermined depth between the bipolar RF electrodes during treatment

Lipo Laser

Laser and light devices is based on the principle of selective photothermolysis, which states that the laser wavelength must be more strongly absorbed by the target tissue than surrounding tissues. The amount of energy (fluence) cause collagen contraction and remodeling associated with tightening skin and reducing wrinkles.

What Our customers say

I'm in absolute LOVE. Saw immediate results after only ONE Cryo T-Shock Session. I bought a pack and I cant wait so see some abs soon! Must buy! Plus the Spa is relaxing and adorable. Not to mention the Sculptor, she's the sweetest ever! She works hard at getting you the results you want!

Carla V. (Cryo T Shock)

V is fantastic, she explains what she is doing takes her time beautiful energy. Best part is I saw the difference in the skin tightening after the first session. Today was my second session I am so impressed.
Highly recommend this spa.very nicely decorated the place has a great fibe. I give her 6 stars.

Espie M. (Cryo T Shock and Radio Frequency)