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Save more with packages

Instead of buying individual sessions that can be costly over time, packages can save you up to 34%!

budget friendly

We understand that packages can be costly. We offer interest free payment plans. Call us today for more information.

unsure of commitments?

Unsure if packages or treatments will work for you? Individual sessions are also available for purchase. Simply book an appointment.

treatment frequency

Treatments are advised to be scheduled twice a week to once every 2 weeks. Results can be seen as same day visit or as little as 1 week but will very person to person.

Choose the package

Unsure about which package works for you? Schedule a free consultation today! We are realistic and won’t force you to commit to anything that isn’t right for you. Some packages include our welcome pack*.


*Welcome Pack ($75 Value): Tank top or t-shirt, Tote bag, Sweet Sweat Waist Trainer, Sweet Sweat Trial Sample (topical gel to increase body sweat)

Specialty Packages

Need something specific? We have various options to address common concerns and budget. This utilizes the Cryo T Shock technology.


Tummy and love handles package

Save $25/session



Abs Package

save $50/session



The summer-bod package

Save $90/session



Double Chin package

Save $15/session



Brazilian Butt-lift package

Save $75/session


Cryo T Shock Body Packages

Individual treatments are $350 each. Can be used for arms, legs, thighs, back or abdomen.


3 Pack

Save $25/session

Includes either:


5 pack

Save $50/session

Includes either:


10 Pack

Save $75/session

Includes either:

Cryo T Shock Face and Skin Packages

Individual treatments range from $150-$175 each. Skin treatments can be used for face, arms, legs, thighs, back or neck.


5 Pack
Double Chin

Save $15/session


5 pack

Save $10/session

Includes either:


5 Pack

save $10/session

Includes either:

Full Sculpt Packages

Individual sculpt sessions are $150 each. Can be used for arms*, legs* or abdomen. Each session is approximately 80 minutes. (*arms and legs require use of 2 sessions since sessions apply per limb)


Sample Pack(3 sessions)

save $17/session

each session includes:


starter pack (6 Sessions)

save $34/session

each session includes:


dramatic Pack (8 sessions)

Save $44/Session

each session includes:


ultimate pack (12 Sessions)

Save $63/Session

each session includes:

Individual Treatment Packages

Individual sessions are $79 or $89 each. Can be used for arms*, legs* or abdomen. Each session is approximately 30 minutes (*arms and legs require use of 2 sessions since sessions apply per limb)


3 sessions

Save $12/Session

includes either:


6 sessions

Save $29/Session

includes either:


3 sessions

Save $6/Session

includes either:


6 sessions

Save $9/Session

includes either:

Infrared Sauna Packages

Individual sessions are $40 each. Each session is approximately 60 minutes.


3 sessions

Save $7/Session



Unlimited Monthly sessions

Save up to $33/Session


Frequently asked questions

Easiest way to determine is to arrange a free consultation to determine which package is best for you. Packages really depends on your personal goals. Some clients buy larger packages to be able to do different body parts.

Yes you can. Some clients prefer to wait for our recommendation before purchasing.

After your first consultation, if recommended sessions are less, we can refund you the difference of what you need or the difference of lesser package.

We understand that packages can be costly. We allow you to share packages with another person to optimize savings for all our clients. (ie. sharing a 10 pack cryo t shock with someone else).

We can set up reoccuring payment arrangements to make packages for budget friendly for you. Visit us to set up a payment arrangement or send us an email at info@ocsculptspa.com

Still have more questions? Contact Us

Our clients say

I absolutely see results! Even after my first treatment! I totally recommend them!!
I feel and look great!!! I did the New Costumer Introductory Sculpt Session and it was amazing. I felt no pain or discomfort throughout the process. The technician was lovely and very knowledgeable in her skills. She explained every process each time she did something. Loved her and the process. Making my next appointment ASAP!!! (AND they have an infrared sauna!!)
Law Enforcement Officer
I recieved excellent care for my back pain.i was given excellent care.thank you.cant wait to see you again
Massage Therapist
Amazing service and super nice!